Prison Ministry: An Excellent Moral Inventory Exercise for Defendants, Inmates, Everyone

Here is a format for a moral inventory: the key to freedom and becoming a cornerstone.

9/24/20231 min read

Here is an anonymously created download of a 4th Step Inventory-- i.e. moral character insight inventory-- worksheet found at, which, along with an ethical and anonymity-protective advisor reading it, would be superb for facilitating the recovery of defendants and inmates (or anyone!).

This is the key to becoming a Cornerstone. It should be done with all the fear of G-- one is proving to G-- and to themselves they are capable of honesty.

IMPORTANT!: You should place a clearly visible advisory on it that guards do confiscate personal reading materials, and any admissions of illegal activity are chargeable and admissible in court. Confessions of illegal activity should be written in code only discernable by the author and only admitted to someone the defendant or inmate trusts AFTER THEY ARE RELEASED who will not reveal them until the defendant or inmate is ready to admit them to law enforcement. Any verbal admissions of illegal activity when one is incarcerated are also chargeable and admissible in court and visits and phone conversations are recorded.